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Now in our 52nd  year

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Avon Cat Rescue Spring Newsletter 2016

Now in our 52nd year.  Registered charity number 1162192

Dear Friends,

We have had a heart-warming winter with lots of good news stories.

Homing is going well – so many lovely people have come along and given homes to some of our difficult or long-term cats.

Frosty, one of our ‘Golden Oldies’ is  a lovely black and white tom from Birmingham, found in the frost last January, was chosen by a couple in November and is doing well.  Bo, our grumpy 14 year old who had been returned from new homes twice, was chosen before Christmas, and had a thoroughly spoilt time with lots of toys and treats, and is apparently being really good with family and friends who visit.

Spot and Fluff, in a small pen for nearly 18 months, were chosen at last, even though Fluff continues to be very difficult.  Hopefully she will gradually improve over time.

Jess, a black and white extremely nervous female, was chosen by a man who wanted to give her plenty of time to settle.  I think she spent the first week on top of the wardrobe.

Tom and Jerry, a pair of black toms whose owner died last year were overlooked again and again and seemed to give up when visitors came.  But then Helen put a special feature on the web and a really kind couple has taken them home.  I am sure they will flourish after so long in a pen.

All these (and more) stories, mean that all the cats featured in our Autumn newsletter found homes except one -  Bobby.

Bobby is a lively ginger and white tom, found in Warwick.  He is no trouble here, but when, people visit he tends to give them a nip.  I don’t think he means much by it, but it has put lots of prospective owners off.

Of course we have many more cats waiting, but at least our list is shorter.  Unfortunately we are left with some difficult cats - nervous ones are not so bad, but unpredictable cats are a problem.  There is Cilla, a 10 year old tabby, who really does not like being handled, and goes for legs at times.  Bagpuss, a tabby tom, who likes being stroked and then swipes you when you take your hand away.

Lilly, a black female recently arrived, hisses and growls, but purrs as well.  Any suggestions for making these cats more homeable gratefully received.  (See cats for Homing later)


Our Autumn Bazaar raised an amazing amount, despite a frantic day.  My estate car gave up on me and I had to ask some kind helpers to ferry all our goods (basically the content of our garage) up to the village hall.  Luckily it was a fine day so we spread ourselves outside and along the pavement and we were doing good business all day and raised £2,309.63p.

Other events were held at Mavis’s in Leamington and at Helen’s in Shipston all raising a good sum of money for us.

We had 4 Christmas Market Stalls in Leamington, Alcester, Shipston and Stratford which all did fairly well despite some poor weather.  Thanks to helpers who joined us at Stratford.  We could do with a few more at some of our stalls.  They are quite enjoyable if you wrap up warm.  We did try a market stall in Banbury and Stratford in the autumn but we did not do very well.

With our extra funds we have been able to vaccinate as many cats as possible to guard against infections.  This is quite an expensive business.  Some vets are now making us VAT exempt which helps a lot.

Thank you to you all for your continuing support.

Rosemary Spicer

Cats taken in in 2015 116

Cats homed in 2015 113

Avon Cat Rescue, The Barn House, Chapel Street, Welford-on-Avon  CV37  8PX  

01789 750 235:  enquiries@avoncatrescue.org:  www.avoncatrescue.org

From Helen Hall   24 Hanson Avenue   Shipston-on-Stour   CV36 4HL

  Email mgth.hall@btinternet.com

   Welcome to our spring 2016 Newsletter.  A very happy New Year to you all.

   Thank you all for your support in 2015. A memorable year as at last we achieved charity status. No mean feat by Gina and Heather – a very big thank you to them for all their hard work on our behalf.

   We are also extremely grateful for the following legacies and donations:-

Legacies in memory of:-

Mrs Grace Ferguson of    Oxford

Mrs Ruth Blaubergs   of Stockton, Leamington Spa

Mrs Elsie Bird    of    Ettington

Mrs Margaret Locker   of   Pershore

Shelly Anne Withers   of   Shipston-on-Stour

Mrs Margaret Leafe   of   Bulwell

Donations in memory of:-

Joointa   of   Houston, Texas

Jean Rainey

Mrs Crisley

Mr Ralph Smith

Mr Terry Bradford

Joyce Ramlose-Pearson

 Mrs F M Hancox

Mrs Georgina ‘Nina’ Hilton

Mrs Janet Smith

Mrs Sylvia Dyde

Without this extra financial support the Rescue would not make ends meet each year.

     Since becoming a charity many of you have been in touch telling me you are leaving us a legacy in your will. A big thank you in advance but I hope you will be with us for many years to come. If you are able to leave us a legacy but as yet haven’t got round to it, our charity number is 1162192. We would be very grateful.

Our Finances

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have not been able to finalise our accounts for 2015.  I will report on this in the Summer Newsletter, but suffice it to say our legacies will cover any shortfall.

   Thank you for all the food and money given to the Rescue during the year and at Christmas. I hope we have managed to acknowledge everyone. If not, please accept this as a thank you. Sometimes we do not know where food and gifts come from.

Gift aid forms. Thank you to all who have filled in and returned the form. It will make a difference to us as we get 25% extra from all donations providing you are a UK tax payer and have returned the form. If you need a form, please let me know.

To make life easier for me when you send a cheque, please can I ask you to put your house number and postcode on the back of the cheque.  This will save me having to look up your details.

Looking back over the last year

We received 344 new postage stamps saving us over £180.

We sold 170 calendars and lots of Christmas cards.  Thanks to all who contributed/bought them.

Looking forward to 2016 and all the ups and downs that brings. We really are in need of a couple of adult Sunday helpers. This can be monthly, fortnightly or weekly for 2 hours in the morning. We say adult as youngsters need to be supervised and we do not have the ‘man-power’ for this.

We will be designing a new tea towel this year which will hopefully be ready in the Spring

Our 2016 fund-raising starts with a Coffee Morning in late January in Stratford-on-Avon. We then have our annual Jumble Sale on Saturday Feb. 20th and our Spring Bazaar on April 2nd.

Can you help set up, serve or clear away? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Later in the year when we have stalls at various events are you able to offer help to give us a break? I find standing all day at these events quite debilitating and would welcome some help.

There are now just over 190 who receive their newsletters by email. This saves the Rescue over £400 a year. Are you able to receive yours by email? If so, please get in touch. Also if there is anyone who receives both please let me know   mgth.hall@btinternet.com

How you may be able to help.

Any left over Christmas stamps – always useful.

Photos and stories for the 2017 calendar – get snapping.

All you budding artists – design a Christmas card for 2016.

We use a lot of kitchen paper, black sacks and cat food especially pouched. Any contributions of these items would be gratefully received.  

To all the knitters out there. We have recently had a big sort out of all our blankets of which we have loads so we are sharing them with other charities for the time being. We will let you know when the pile is depleting!


Sponsorship provides us with a steady income to help look after the 30 pensioners who reside with us permanently. It costs £20 a year to sponsor one of these cats and in return you will receive a certificate and if you are not already on our mailing list, three newsletters a year. Sponsorship can also make a lovely gift for anyone who loves cats or can no longer have one of their own.

If the sponsorship is for a present, the person receiving it will get a card, certificate and a letter from the cat.

Cats for sponsoring are:-

Males: -     

 Spot and Stripe (white brothers)

  Blanco (white)       Smudge (bl/wh)

Females: - Olga, Olivia, Lulu (all black)

        Suzie (bl/wh)

See our sponsorship page for photos

Please just send in you name address and cheque, made out to Avon Cat Rescue, and send to Helen.  Address shown earlier

Cat Stories/Reports

Below are some of the updates we have had about recent ‘homings’. Do keep them coming as it lifts our spirits hearing these stories


I hope Toby would say:  "It has now been 18 months since I moved into my new home.  I must admit I had used to hiss quite a bit, but my new owner, Jayne, took no notice.  She talked a lot to me and stroked me on my head to begin with, which was quite relaxing, and eventually I let her stroke all down my back.  Tinka, who was already here, and I have become companions.  He is a very sociable cat but realises I like my own space in the house, but do enjoy going out with him and he has shown me all the best places.  

I enjoy following Jayne around the house to see what she is doing and check that she is doing it right!  I do move quietly and sometimes surprise her.

I have a bed in front of the fire, but to be honest being a big cat I prefer to stretch out on the settee.  

I did disgrace myself at Christmas.  Jayne made some mince pies and left them to cool, they just looked too tempting so I tried one and was caught eating it in the hall!  Thankfully Jayne saw the funny side of it and started laughing.

I have just enjoyed my tea, clean bowl again, so time for a cat nap on the settee, I think.  Not a bad life here, glad I came."

Toby was Bob. 3 year old male, black and white

My history is a little sketchy. Well anyway, while I was in Rosemary’s care I, of which I was so grateful, I was called Bob. My new humans are called Karen and Peter (aka ‘The Staff’). They spent a lot of time trying to find me a name. They came up with the name ‘Toby’. Depending on how they feel they call me Tobamorie or Toblarone but my personal favourite is Master Toby.

     It took me a little while to settle in and I was afraid of my own shadow. For the first week I had found a very dark cupboard in the dining room, where I would spend most of my time. My new family were very quiet around me and left me to come to them on my time scale. I’m a very handsome black cat and I cannot be seen. I’ll tell you a secret! I like pretending that I am in the cupboard and watching my new family and watching them talk to an empty hole for about 20 minutes before saying, ‘I am behind you!’ I love company and so love being fussed especially a tummy rub and a good grooming session. My new family have been very patient with me as I take a long time to think about new things, I will not be rushed although Karen insists that I stay in at night which I am not entirely happy about.

     Karen says we have a super king size bed which is plenty big enough for the pair of us. Toby stretches out and pushes us around. Peter and I have a small strip on the edge of the bed. When we look to see why we don’t have any bed clothes it is because Toby has all of the middle from his nose to the tip of his tail. … we need a bigger bed!

     I love to give nose kisses and hugs. Karen and I fall asleep on the sofa together – I dribble on her arm and she dribbles down my back. Not really a pretty sight but it is our thing. When I want attention I bat their ankles as they go by, it really works! My favourite pastime is to chase things, chasing mice around the house is my speciality. I am very afraid of strangers and need to know that I can run into the house as quickly as my legs will take me. When my family go away for a few days next door comes to my home to look after me.

     The doctor said that I’m between 2-3 years old and carrying a little too much weight and how rude is that. She gave my glands a squeeze but I’m not sure how that helps my weight! My humans say that my back end smells a bit! It’s not my fault they have me on a cal/carb diet.

     Karen says that from our view Toby Teddy Bear is so sweet, kind, gentle and as loving a little man as we could have wished for. We are learning to watch TV through a pair of ears and we have a new furry alarm clock. He is a sheer delight and it is a privilege that he chose to have joined our little family.

Miffy – black female aged 9

Miffy has settled in extremely well. She is definitely a lap cat and loves her cuddles of an evening. She has a lovely gentle nature and is very patient with our 6 year old son when he picks her up to give her a cuddle. We were told that Miffy had a sensitive stomach but since settling in, her stomach has been fine though if she was allowed to she would eat all day long. She loves her food! Her favourite place is her bed and sitting on the garden bench when the sun is out.

     Black cats are thought to be unlucky and difficult to rehome according to the vet when we took to be clipped. She is definitely not unlucky and we would not swap our ‘Princess Miffy’ for anything.

Jessie- black and white female

     Jessie came to live with me on the 21st November. She is a mature house cat aged 8. She arrived with Rosemary and duly set off to investigate. I just left her to get used to her new surroundings. After about an hour she had not surfaced so I went to look for her. She was fast asleep on my bed. She certainly likes her creature comforts, she had her basket from Welford brought with her but that still lies redundant.

     At night when I go to bed, she sleeps on the chair with a blanket and gets up when the alarm goes off and pads with this to the bathroom. She has a wonderful purr, likes her food but still only has her 2 pouches a day plus biscuits.

     I’m very lucky to have such a lovely cat and it seems as if she has always been here. Thank you for letting me have Jessie and I hope we will be together for many years.

Lyra (previously called Bety) a tabby female

     Lyra is settling in very well – you wouldn’t know she was a rescue! She’s just been chipped and spayed so she will soon be left to explore the outside world if she wants. Everyone who visits comments on how much she wags her tail (like a dog) and how friendly she is. She follows me from room to room and is always playing and very kitten-like still.

     She loves climbing so will enjoy living next door to the arboretum but I am slightly nervous about her getting stuck up numerous trees! Thank you for bringing her into our life.

Bubbles and Fleur

     It is now 2 years since we came to live in our new home and we are very happy. We are indoor cats but have lots and a large scratching post with mice to play with. Every day our human friends spend time playing games with us but after lunch it is always siesta time and we retire to the bedroom where a warm snugly duvet awaits. Sometimes we are in trouble for scratching the furniture and carpets but we put on our irresistible ‘I’m so sweet’ look and we are quickly forgiven. It works every time. The vet declared us both fit and well at our recent check-up so all o.k. until next year.

     We will send Rosemary some goodies for Christmas and hope those cats waiting for homes are as lucky as we were.  Love from Bubbles and Fleur.

Jack and Jill

     I’ve had Jack and Jill for six months now and they’ve settled in very well. They were shy at first but they’ve both grown in confidence and are very friendly. Jack loves cuddles and enjoys joining me on the sofa to watch TV. He also likes to stretch out on windowsills and radiators and if he sees my slippers, he’ll sit on them immediately and go to sleep.

     Jill is playful and intelligent and she loves exploring. As soon as I sit down somewhere, she likes to curl up on my lap. They chase their toys (and each other) all over the house. I’m very glad that they picked us that day at Avon Cat Rescue. They are a lovely addition to the family.



    Just a few lines to tell you how Madam Minx is getting on. She’s the boss with my husband and grabs his finger, holds it and acts all innocent. She caught a mouse, came in and dropped it and sat and watched it run away. A few days later she showed no interest – just looked in disgust.

     She explored all the bungalow’s gardens and annoys a dog by sitting on their fence. She is

Great fun but likes men more than ladies; any man’s lap is hers!


Who originally came to us in Oct 2014, found a home, returned, found another home, returned and then just before Christmas 2015 along came a lovely lady who scooped her up and took her home.

She has definitely fallen on her feet as you can see by the photo

‘Bo is really well and very happy, I've attached a few pics of her along with her xmas pressies!
My vet has also put her on Synoquin to see if that will help her front leg, it doesn't seem to bother her at all but she does still limp a little so he thinks it may help. Otherwise Bo is fine and an absolute joy to have, we had family with us on Boxing Day and she was so friendly with everyone.’

Ollie & Jess

Ollie in his favourite spot in the kitchen and Jess sprawled on the sofa

They are happy and a little overweight perhaps, but seem very content.

They enjoy going out hunting lots (fortunately they are not hugely successful) and all in all are a joy and delight. Both very gentle in temperament.

Dates for your Diary

Saturday January 30th  Coffee Morning/Sale 10.30-12.30 23, Bull Street, Stratford on Avon

Saturday February 20th Jumble Sale 2pm  Welford Memorial Hall

Saturday March 19th  Spring Sale 10.30-2pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, Leamington Spa

Saturday April 2nd  Spring Bazaar 2pm  Avon Cat Rescue, Welford-on-Avon

Saturday June 18th  Summer Sale 10.30-2pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, Leamington Spa

Sunday June 12th  Alcester Street Fair    TBA Alcester High Street, Alcester

Saturday July 30th  Summer Bazaar  2pm Avon Cat Rescue, Welford-on-Avon