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Avon Cat Rescue – Summer Newsletter 2015

Now in our 51st year

Dear Friends,

So far we have had a really bad year for homing – which means we have been unable to take in as many urgent cases as we would like.  We have had so many calls for cats needing spaces – strays, evictions, owner’s illness or death, cats attacking other cats, allergies, traumatised cats – the list goes on.  We would so like to help more, it is very disheartening.  We did a bit of doubling up, and even had to use a spare bedroom when we found a cat in a basket on the doorstep.  But still the calls keep coming.  Some people wait patiently until we can help, but some are not able to, which makes it very difficult.  We hear that many rescue centres are full to bursting, and our name is passed on by the RSPCA, vets, other centres etc – as we do help if we can.  Let’s hope things will improve in the second part of the year.

Meanwhile we have some very happy stories.  Roly, the ginger and white cat from Crete, has been chosen and is living very happily in Shipston.  He turned out to be quite a character, loves to play, talks and became really affectionate.  He is still in touch with his owner in Crete.  

Angus, found wandering up the Birmingham Road in Stratford, turned out to be another ‘character’ cat who spreads himself between homes in Stratford town Centre, including sleeping in the cinema car.  He has been taken on by a local man who will keep an eye on his wanderings.

Chloe, a 17 year old torti, photo in the last newsletter, whose owner went into a home, was chosen a week later by another elderly owner and is doing well (although she sleeps in the wardrobe!)

T.C., as mentioned in our last newsletter, turned out not to have a growth, and her original owners,  who now live near Great Yarmouth, saw her on our website, came to get her, and she is now living happily by the sea.

These stories make it all worthwhile.

We have had 2 cats on separate occasions left outside, one outside the gate in a basket (Boris) who had a nasty bite on his face requiring urgent treatment, and one on our doorstep (Daisy) who I had to keep in the bedroom – she was also in need of medical treatment as she had a lump on her chest but has now found a home where she settled in immediately.  Her photo is with her story in the Cat story section of this newsletter.

We have another stray tom who had been causing havoc in Inkberrow, who has turned out to be FIV.  Six dinner Sid is a real character, black again, but will need an indoor home.

We are in desperate need of new homes so that we can help more cats.

We have been left with quite a few ‘difficult’ cats – elderly, grumpy, semi-feral, nervous, FIV who need some really kind people to give them a chance.

Fund-raising is about to start in earnest.  Stalls most weeks in June, our Bazaar in July etc.  We have lots of lovely new items to sell and our supporters donate so much.  It is always worth a look at our goods.

Finally, thank you to all our friends and supporters who keep us going.  We could not manage without you.

           Rosemary Spicer

Avon Cat Rescue

The Barn House,

Chapel Street, Welford-on-Avon,

Warwickshire  CV37 8PX

01789 750235

Email  Website

Charity status progress

We have made good progress with the application to become a registered charity.  There is some more paperwork to complete.  We hope to bring you a further update in the next few weeks.  Please watch the website for news.

Our thanks to Gina Kearsey & Heather Simpson, the accountant, for all their hard work in getting us this far.

From Helen Hall, 24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4HL


   We are now almost halfway through 2015 and fundraising has gone well so far. At the Jumble Sale we raised £1,100. This is an amazing amount and did include £274 in donations on or before the day. A big thank you to everyone who supported us in whatever way.

   The Bazaar preparations prior to the Spring Bazaar did not go according to plan. I had fallen and hurt my back making it difficult for me to give Rosemary the help she needed. On the morning of the Bazaar we had less help than usual but somehow we managed to get ready on time. We raised £2,060.29 including £190 in donations before the day. You can see how much difference these donations make. If you cannot get to our Summer Bazaar but can make a donation, however small, please do.

Avon Cat Rescue Website

Earlier this year I redid the Rescue website.  For those of you who have had a look at it I hope you liked it.  I will try to add a new video from time to time but I apologise for any hiccups with the ones already there.

Small Change

   So far this year you have managed to raise £360.40 which is really good. Please keep saving and bringing them to our events. I don’t mind how many trip I have to make to the bank.

2016 Calendar

   In the last newsletter I didn’t think we would be doing a calendar for next year. The task had become too big for me with just a small home printer. However, I have managed to find a very kind person who has printed them professionally for us at a price from which we can still make a profit for the Rescue.  The calendars will cost £4.50 plus £1.30 p&p for 1 or 2 calendars. My grateful thanks to Jason Bissett for his help and support.

Christmas card

As yet I have only received one contribution when I had hoped there would be at least 2 or more. There is still time for you to send me yours. It must be with me by the end of June so that I can have them ready for the Summer Bazaar in July. Come on all you budding artists.

Volunteer help –

   If anyone can spare a couple of hours once a month either on Saturday or Sunday mornings from 9 – 11 please get in touch with Rosemary at the Rescue. The work is feeding and washing bowls and cleaning the litter trays. We are much in need of some extra help. Thank you to all who already help in this way.


   There are over 30 cats at the Rescue permanently. These cats are known as our ‘pensioners’ and to help provide for them we run a sponsorship scheme. It costs £20 a year to sponsor a cat and in return you will receive a photo/certificate as well as our newsletter. If you are not already a sponsor perhaps you could consider becoming one? There is a form at the end of this newsletter. From time to time I will be putting new short videos on our website so keep looking. Have you seen the 3 videos on the Sponsorship Page? The most recent is of Georgie B – do have a look.

Cats for Sponsoring:-

 Smudge, Blanco, Squeaky, Olivia & Sophie


   9 – 11.30:            Setting up gazebos, tables and goods to sell.

   1.30 – 4.30: Serving and packing goods into boxes.

   3.30 – 5.30:     Helping to clear away at the end.

By the end I am on my knees but can stagger away when my legs and now back gives up but Rosemary doesn’t have that luxury. Please can you help us?

We use a lot of the following:

Kitchen rolls, cat food (the cats especially like the pouches), washing up liquid, washing powder, black sacks.

If you are coming to the Summer Bazaar and could bring any of the above we would be very grateful.

Also please remember to save your small change and bring it with you.  It really does make a difference.  Last year we raised over £1,000 from this collection.

 If you are not able to come please consider sending a donation. To all who throughout the year send donations – thank you. I find it very humbling that there are so many of you who care about the cats and the outstanding efforts made by Rosemary and our many volunteers who keep the Rescue going.

Cat Stories

Chi and Mocha (used to be Katy and Kerry)

Chi and Mocha Are very playful cats they will happily snuggle up to you and fall asleep on your lap they like playing with each other and exploring the neighbourhood. They met a cat named savvy and soon became friends, I love them being here they bring love and companionship wherever they are.

When they came they started out nervous and anxious but they soon settled in and found that the home that they love is theirs and that they are free to go wherever they want.

Mocha gets very excited asking to go in the airing cupboard and she demands fuss and attention whenever we sit down.

Chi, is more adventurous outside but is also loving and affectionate.

Hello from Boris and Brumus.  

We were advertised last year as “Two Beautiful White Kittens”.  We have recently celebrated our first birthday and we hope that our mother, Snowy, with whom we lived for a time at ACR, has a home that’s as good as ours.  Boris looks like Snowy and we wonder if Brumus looks like our father as he is a bigger cat, with a slightly differently shaped face.

We live with Big Sister Sako, who is a Burmese cat. Actually, our big sister is now smaller than we are, as we are Big “Kittens”.  Nevertheless, Sako is the Boss and teaches us all sorts of Burmese mischief that we didn’t know; especially, sleeping in the airing cupboard and drinking out of our special mug in the bathroom.  She always eats first and then when she has finished, Sako allows us to have our food.  Sako is very proud of us and sends congratulations to Snowy as she says that if she’s bred them, she couldn’t have had more cheeky kittens than Boris and Brumus

Our garden friends are Nora and Oscar, the rabbits, a flock of Batham chickens and a rather confused pheasant who thinks that he’s a chicken!  Brumus is naughty and chases the chickens but he meets his match when he comes face-to-face with Attila the Hen.   As Attila has recently hatched chicks, she squawks rude things to us through the netting of the broody pen!  We do like the chickens as they provide us with a fresh egg every day, which is very good for us.

Brumus likes to pop into the summer house were the rabbits live to say “hello”.  We get on very well with Nora and Oscar, and greatly admire how much that they can hear with their long ears.  It does seem a waste though; they don’t use their hearing for hunting but apparently rabbits don’t do that! The only things that they seem to hunt are carrots and they don’t seem very appetising to us.

We are the pack of Great White Hunters! We hunt as a pair so that we can control the amount of wildlife, especially the diminishing number of shrews, which overpopulate the field next to our garden.  We like to bring them into the house through the cat flap so that we can show our humans and play with them.  Our Humans don’t seem very happy about it and take them off us and then bury them.  That makes us cross, as we have to go out and get another one.  One day last week, a visitor came down the path and remarked that it was strewn with bodies.  We were proud, s we had ridded the world of naughty shrews and mice that wouldn’t play fair and “did dead”.   

Of course, we deny all knowledge of the Massacre of the Mice as Big Sister Sako advises us that in the absence of any witnesses, we should deny all accusations of anything naughty.  We have also got a great alibi, which we can use as we look so alike; we say “I didn’t do it; it was my brother” and then the other one of us does the same.

After supper, all three of us play “tig” and hide and seek around the house.  Our humans say that we sound like a herd of baby elephants – how rude!  Then we are tired we like to curl up with Sako on the Humans’ bed.  During the daytime, when we need to digest our hunt or have a little nap on the bed, we can doze off by looking out of the window and counting the sheep that live in the field next door.

There is a dog who lives next door called Hollie.  We do like to tease her.  One of us sits on the fence whilst the other one creeps up behind her.  She is very confused by us.

If we don’t like the weather Out There, we play football around The House and Big Sister Sako joins us as our Coach.  The three of us have joined forces to find the Monster Behind the Fridge.  We are not sure what IT is but we watch, wait and listen for ages to see if It comes out so that we can deal with IT.

Must go now; the sun is shining and the shrews are squeaking.

Best fishes,  Boris and Brumus  


Dear cat rescuers,

Jessie has been renamed Henry ( Jessie was my auntie’s name and did not seem right to me for a tom cat).  He is making himself at home. He is a very talkative cat with a wide vocabulary, I suspect he is part oriental. When I collected him, you had not had him long, and did not know what his food likes and dislikes were. He loves fish and is not so keen on meat – so no problems there! He has made the acquaintance of the vet and had his first vaccinations, but as he was very upset he has not been chipped yet. I think he may have thought he had lost his home again. It took a few days for him to get back to his normal talkative self. The plan is to chip him when he has the second round of vaccinations in 2 weeks time.  He has not been out yet and I probably will not let him out until he has been chipped. He has started playing with some of the toys he inherited from previous feline residents. Remembering what happened to Charlie and Jim I am keeping my fingers crossed he stays healthy for a long time. It doesn’t time long to become attached to a cat – they all have unique personalities.  Thank you.


Monday 18th May :- 

It’s raining, so no early morning stroll around my new garden.

 I really don't like rain. I remember, it was raining "cats & dogs", on the last Saturday of 2014, the day I  said goodbye to Rosemary and went off to my new "happy" home.

I reached the grand old age of 14 last year , a unhappy  year , my owner , whom I  lived with  since the turn of the century sadly died , thankfully I was rescued by Rosemary and thought I would spend the rest of my days at Welford. 

I was safe, dry, but deep down very sad, after nearly 6 months and several appeals, at last I met my new family. They took me home, knowing I was a "Golden Oldie" with a "feisty streak". This is true, although, let’s just pop in "mistrusting, growling, very grumpy old lady" into the mix!

What a difference a few months makes.  My coat feels and looks great, I am well and very content. I spend my days sleeping in the warm conservatory, and exploring my new garden. The old back legs are not quite so stiff, can't quite manage these high fences and tall trees but there's plenty down here to keep me interested. The pink collar I lost on my first adventure outside is still missing, can’t figure that one out.  I've got some great scratching logs, keeps the claws nice and sharp .. although they  are out less and less. I am even beginning to enjoy regular tickles, the best  time is when I sit on my new mum's lap, as long as she doesn't try to stroke my back  and keeps to the chin & ears I'm happy,  it’s not a bad idea to  purr - just occasionally .

I’ve just been told I'm the new cover girl for 2016 Calendar, wow how amazing. A "Golden Cutie" after-all! 

Oh and by the way ... it's still raining so  now I've finished watching my mum write this (dictated by me of course !), and chased the mouse around the computer screen ... I'm off to the conservatory  to have a mid- morning nap  x 

Sheba (fluffy torti who has been named after a queen!)

Hello! Way back in November 2011, when I was 11, I left Redditch and spent just a week with the kind people at the Rescue, before my Mum and her Dad came to take me to their home in the North Cotswolds.

It didn’t take me long to settle down and organise my menus. I don’t venture further than the large back garden where I am careful not to sit on the plants and sometimes I sit in the greenhouse. There are plenty of birds being fed out there but I always leave them alone. When I come indoors I like to sit on my Mum’s lap and have my toes wiped as it saves me a lot of licking!

I love company and am pleased to see visitors. I even like going to see the vet for my vaccinations!

Sadly, last year my Dad passed away so I am now my Mum’s sole companion. I continue to sit on her lap at every opportunity and often give her a ‘kiss’ with my wet nose.

My Mum loves me and I love my Mum!


Snowy is well settled here. He is not so stiff in his back legs now. He can run up and downstairs well and his spring onto furniture is also much better. We’ll get the vet to check up his back legs (arthritis?) when we take him for microchipping as soon as we are fit enough to go (we have been laid up with flu for several weeks).

His ears are improving with the canker and he appears to be hearing more. I clean them daily with wipes but did not use the eardrops because it mentioned not using if cat has perforated drums which we don’t know yet, will ask vet.

He is a real lap cat and is addicted to the tablet – he sits between me and the tablet when I start using it. He’s not a demanding cat but asks for a lot of fuss and must be near us at all times.

He became very unsettled a few weeks ago wanting to go outside especially when seeing the neighbour’s cat. When we did let him outside we realised that he had no interest in us or our garden and was intent on just bolting. This is a problem with cars and the dangers around our home. We bought a harness to try him on that and he was brilliant but he is a very nervous cat when he is outside and doesn’t like cars or people.

Otherwise, Snowy is 97% brilliant and in our hearts already. He loves my neighbours’ two daughters aged 10 and 11 coming in and brushing him!  Photo on Calendar page.


 Everyone who sees Trixie says. “What a pretty cat, where did you get her from?”

Trixie settled almost immediately. The first thing to amaze us was that apart from that first night with us, she settles on her ‘blanket’ at the bottom of our large bed where she stays all night. She doesn’t bother us until she hears the central heating boiler click on at 7 am then she’s suddenly awake and decides that it’s time for us to get up and get her breakfast, after first making sure we are awake too. After breakfast it’s toilet time when she miaows very loudly to be let out in the garden, (the litter tray was used for less than a week). The weather then determines how long it is before she’s ready to come in. She has had 2 or 3 near misses chasing a cheeky squirrel that doesn’t realise that the new resident is here to stay. One little bird who wasn’t quite fast enough and a couple of fat mice who were too slow were brought to the patio door for us to see. As we live with open ground with rabbits and the occasional muntjac deer beyond our garden fence we envisage that we shan’t see as much of her as the weather improves and the days lengthen. She really does think she is in charge when she’s in the garden, seeing off a neighbour’s cat that I’m sure wonders where she has suddenly come from! Before she went outside she visited the vet to be microchipped and vaccinated where she was very much in charge, knocking the vet’s pen onto the floor and looking for anything else she could get her paws on!

   With regard to Trixie’s appetite she eats Iams pouches and dry food with a preference for the pouches but always has access to the dry and water. Of course she would like to join us for our meals but we are gradually persuading her that her food is in the kitchen. We are sure that she has put on weight in the two months she’s been with us, which is quite surprising as she is very active both inside and outside. If we call her when she’s outside, she races along the path from the bottom of the garden, up to the patio doors and then through the house at a tremendous speed. She then starts performing acrobatics on her scratching post which would surely merit a gold medal at the Feline Olympics!

   The only thing Trixie is not keen on is the cat flap. She will use it if we are not around but much prefers to have a door opened for her, a proper little lady!! We are getting a new cat flap soon, on that reacts to her microchip – if our research is favourable – so hopefully once it is in action we shan’t run the risk of half of the neighbourhood cats coming in both day and possibly the night, though I’d rather that she wasn’t out at night.

   I am so pleased that I made that initial call after I’d seen Trixie’s photo and that we were able to collect her so quickly – thank you Avon Cat Rescue. We are both so happy to have

Trixie as part of our lives and we are sure she is happy with us. We couldn’t imagine life without her now and are looking forward to many happy hours of being loved by her and being amused by all of her antics.

Lucy (was Stolly) a Russian Blue.

   Lucy has been with us for three years and I am sorry not to have given you an earlier report on her progress. She settled in remarkably quickly and after inspecting every corner of the house and garden devoted herself to decimating the local wild life. For the first few months we were inundated with unwanted gifts of birds, mice and voles but when she realised much tastier food appeared by magic in her bowl she restricted herself to the occasional vole just to keep her hand in. A great source of interest was the garden pond and she spent a lot of time trying to catch the fish but the day she spotted a frog sitting on a lily pad and couldn’t resist pouncing on it seemed to cure of this.

   We are regularly visited by friends who bring their miniature Schnauzer Alfie with them. The first time Lucy saw him she made a rapid vertical ascent of the grandfather clock and refused to come down. Next time she stared at him from the windowsill for a time the then cautiously examined him from behind the sofa. Next time she walked straight up to him and greeted him, nose to nose. Finally, after greeting him she strolled past him so that her tail stroked him under his chin while looking back at him flirtatiously over shoulder. Apart from a rather wild-eyed look this produced no reaction so she lay down in front of him and rolled over on her back, legs in the air. I am glad to say this shameless behaviour has not been repeatedly.

   Another regular visitor is Toby, an enormous retired sniffer dog. After checking out the house for explosives and demanding a biscuit, he always used to collapse on the rug and go to sleep, but now Lucy has discovered that he is secretly terrified of cats and makes his life a misery by chasing his tail and making grabs at his ankles.

   She has I fear lost her elegant figure and become rather rotund. My efforts to restrict her diet have failed miserably. If she feels I am neglecting my duties in this respect she fixes me with a basilisk stare which is a very unnerving and if that doesn’t work out she gives me what I can only describe as a pretend bite – no teeth are involved but the message is clear: “If you don’t feed me soon I may have to eat you.”

   As you can see she has completely taken over the household, but we are her very willing slaves.

Bubble and Squeak.

 Bubble and Squeak here. We have taken time out from our busy schedule of sleeping, eating and sitting on the windowsill in the sunshine checking out the neighbourhood, to send you this update.

We have been with our owners for seven years now – though as we are the ones who demand food and attention, and they give it, who is the real owner?

Anyway, they seem to be very compliant and they have even introduced a dog into the household for our amusement! She has a very comfortable bed which she warms especially for us!

We have to spend a certain amount of time each day sliding about on the rugs on the wooden floors, hiding our toys under the bed covers and pillows as presents to keep our humans amused and generally enhancing the look and feel of our home. This seems to be expected of us, so we like to oblige. However, must stop now as we have some very important toy box re-arrangement to do before dinner!!   

 Love Bubble and Squeak.


   We had West for a weekend and fell in love with him straightaway. He has settled in very well. He loves exploring our bungalow and everyone who meets him loves him too. He has started playing with his toys I’ve bought him. He is very happy and takes all his surroundings in. he also has a Jekyll and Hyde temperament – nice one minute then goes for your feet. He is at the moment enjoying the garden surrounds. We are determined to persevere with him as he’s our family.   Thank you.

April – apricot and torti female cat

   April is settling well with us at present. She is still very nervous but we can now stroke her and she loves to be fussed.  She responds well to us both and is a lovely natured cat and very clean.

   She watches the birds through the windows. She comes to bed with us. She eats well on dried food with water but does have a few titbits. She plays with her scratch pole and toys, e.g. a mouse/ball etc.

   We are so pleased to have April. She is going to make us so happy and it is so good to give her a loving home. Thank you all so much.  Photo on Calendar page.


   We adore our beautiful Marge and although she has only been with us but six days she does seem very content. Her first day and night was spent in our living room (both survived the ordeal! ).

   On her second day she ventured out into the hall, up the stairs and into the bedroom where she spent her second night, curled up under our bed. Since then she has explored the whole house but her favourite rooms are still the two she encountered first. Her favourite resting places are either under or behind furniture and hasn’t, as yet, used her new bed.

   She loves her food and eats her crunchy breakfasts and suppers with relish; plays with ribbons and soft toys both alone and with us. She comes for a fuss and a groom and allows us to pick her up. Marge spends hours looking out of our windows and many moments stretching and rolling on our rugs. She hasn’t asked to go outside so keeping her in has not been a problem. We are hoping to introduce her to the garden tomorrow! She is an absolute joy and has transformed our lives. We are so privileged to have her, thank you.  Photo on Calendar page.


Daisy has settled into her new home very quickly. After exploring every nook and cranny downstairs for the first 10 minutes she then curled up on my lap purring away happily. She then lay on the front room windowsill for a while keeping her eye out for all human and feline movements in the close.

   At night she always wants to sleep on the landing or on any one of the top 3 steps keeping guard. At day break she wakes me up telling me it is time for breakfast so consequently it is getting earlier and earlier. She really loves her food especially the pouches of meat and fish in jelly and as a snack a handful of Purina Salmon kibble.

   After being here for 15 days I let her out to explore the big wide world with the front door being kept open for the day. She was back within the hour (much relief!) She was in and out for the rest of the afternoon. The following day the main object was to train her how to use the cat flap. It did not take too long but it took her 4 days to do the reverse to get back in. She never stays out for too long and always stays in at night. Such a star!Dates for your Diary

Sunday June 7th Welford-on-Avon Street Fair 12-4pm Welford-on-Avon

Sunday June 14th Alcester Street Fair  1.30-4.30pm Alcester High Street

Sunday June 21st Snitterfield Village Fete 12-4pm Sports Ground

Saturday June 27th Summer Sale 10.30-2pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, Leamington Spa

Saturday July 25th ACR Summer Bazaar  2pm  At the Rescue, Welford on Avon

Sunday August 23rd Cramar Open Day  12-5  Cramar, Hopwood, Birmingham

Monday August 31st Ilmington Show  1-5  The Sports Ground, Ilmington

Saturday Sept. 5th Blue Cross Open Day  11-4  Blue Cross, Catshill,  Bromsgrove

Sunday Sept. 6th Farm Animal Sanctuary   1pm?  Middle Littleton, Nr Evesham.

(For this event please check the website nearer the time)

Saturday Sept. 26th Autumn Sale 10.30-2pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, Leamington Spa

Saturday Oct. 31st ACR Autumn Bazaar  2pm  Welford on Avon Memorial Hall

Friday Nov. 6th  Christmas Sale  4-6.30  24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour

Saturday Nov. 7th Christmas Sale/Ploughmans Lunch (served from 12-2pm cost £4.50)

10.30-2.30  24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour.  Lunches need to be booked.

Saturday Nov. 21st Christmas Sale    10.30-2pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, Leamington Spa

Hopefully stalls at Leamington and Stratford Markets.

Our Autumn newsletter is due out in mid/late September __________________________________________________________________________________


SPONSORSHIP £20 per cat _______

SUPPORTERS (£8pa)__________

DONATION _________  


AMOUNT ENCLOSED  £……………………..


Name of cat/s chosen …………………………………………………… (£20 per cat per year)

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Address ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Post code ………………………

If the sponsorship is for a gift please give details and date of birth if for a birthday present.




Please make cheques payable to Avon Cat Rescue and send this form and your cheque to

Helen Hall   24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4HL.  If you do not wish to cut the newsletter please send your details on paper to me.

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