Now in our 51st year

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Avon Cat Rescue – Spring Newsletter 2015

Now in our 51st year

Dear Friends,

We are still battling to keep up with our waiting list.  As soon as we have nearly cracked it, another emergency comes along – Owners evicted, injured strays, sudden deaths etc.  Hopefully by prioritising we do help more cats, but it is hard work.

We had another little family brought in who brought a virus with them.  After many trips to the vet, only one kitten survived, which was heartbreaking.  Luckily she is now doing well and living with one of our helpers.

After this we decided to have as many cats as possible vaccinated and spent over £1,200 on this. Since that, more have come in so it will be an ongoing project.

We have some happy stories as well.  Almost all the cats in the last newsletter have found homes.  Tinkerbelle went to live in Christchurch (having started off quite feisty) and is fine.  Bayleys, the nervous ginger 11 year old, was fallen for and chosen having waited 5 months.  Mary Lou and all her kittens found happy homes after not succeeding first time.

We have taken in a number of cats from Birmingham again, Bradley, a chunky black and white tom from Smallheath, came with his adoring friend Maggie.  Bradley was neutered and found to have FIV so he will need a safe indoor home, hopefully with his friend. (See Cats for Homing).   T.C., a 14 year old tabby female, was returned as her owners became allergic – now after a check up at the vets, she has been found to have a growth on her kidney, so she may not be able to find another home (unless someone is extremely kind-hearted).

We took in ‘Roly’ a lovely ginger and white tom who came all the way from Crete on a 3 day journey.  He is used to being a free spirit and howls at night, but he is quite a character as well..  We hope we can find somewhere he can settle in this country! (See Cats for Homing)

Then there was Squeaky, who had a horrendous traffic accident which left him doubly incontinent.  We were persuaded to save his life by giving him sanctuary with us.  We hope he will be able to go out in the garden when the weather improves and has become one of our ‘pensioners’ for sponsoring.  We try never to say no.

As usual we have received a wonderful amount of cat food, blankets, handmade blankets, kitchen rolls, black sacks, toys etc. for Christmas.  Sometimes we don’t even know who left them.  If it was you, thank you so much.

Mavis Moore in Leamington collected a record supply, and Lighthorne village excelled themselves with their donations.  We have not had to order any food this month which is amazing.  Thank you so much.

We recently had a visit from a young woman who lives in Hong Kong and rescues cats and kittens there. She tames the kittens as best she can, gets them neutered and vaccinated and finds them new homes , all from a small house. I forgot to take her name so I hope she will keep in touch through the web.

Mrs Wendy Mann

We lost an amazing friend and fund-raiser in November.

Wendy Mann was raising funds for Avon Dog and Cat Rescue almost from when it began back in the 1960’s.  She organised events and stalls all year round in the Warwick and Leamington Spa area, and arranged the Christmas Raffle every year since before I can remember.  She has raised thousands of pounds for rescued dogs and cats over the years.

Wendy died just before her last Christmas Fair and her supporters still went ahead and did one last event.  We hope we can do something special in her memory, as she and her loyal supporters kept us going through good times and bad.

She will be greatly missed.

Rosemary Spicer

Cats taken in in 2014 was 196, and cats homed 195

Avon Cat Rescue

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Cats for Homing


Please contact the rescue if you think you could offer a home to any of the cats above.

From Helen Hall, 24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4HL  email

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that 2015 will be good for you all.  Thank you to everyone who helped fill the volunteer gaps over Christmas/New Year whilst some of us were poorly.  Much appreciated.

Our finances for 2014

In 2014 we have had a massive £19,000 which we have had to pay Npower back  for the electricity they could not believe we used!  This money has been paid back monthly. 

Without this payback in 2014 we raised £52,939 and spent £62,547.  With the general running of the rescue we had a shortfall of £9,680 which was nearly covered by legacies and gifts in memory of people.

You can see how important gifts and legacies are to the Rescue so please if you can remember us in your Will please do.

We are exceedingly grateful for the following legacies and gifts left to us in 2014


Margaret Sexton of Leamington Spa

Mrs Elsie Bird of Ettington

Mrs Alan Albert Greenland

Gifts in memory of

Mr Clements of Moreton in Marsh

Mrs Brenda Palmer of Alcester

Philip Gadd

Mrs Vickers of Shipston-on-Stour

Mrs Wendy Mann of Warwick

2015 Calendars

Firstly I must apologise for a mistake in the 2015 calendar as September and October are in the wrong order. The ones we sold after the mistake was discovered, the month labels have been changed but the months are still out of sequence. If you bought yours early you will need to change the headings – very sorry. Partly with this in mind and the fact that it is a mammoth task to put together and print, I will not be doing a calendar in 2016.  Another factor is that not all the calendars were sold this year.

It is not cost effective to have them printed but if anyone would like to take on the challenge please get in touch asap as I will need to get photos and stories together.

Thank you to all who have bought them and supported the Rescue.

Christmas cards

These have sold well this year and I am now looking for this coming Christmas design (2015). Are you good at drawing/designing? If anyone is willing to design the 2015 card/s please get in touch with me asap.

Stamps/Small change

Thank you to all who collect their small change between events and help fill the bucket. In 2013 you raised £671.24 but in 2014 you raised the bar and saved £907.54. Congratulations. Can you beat this in 2015?

We use a lot of 2nd class stamps each year and you kindly donated 514 last year which saved the Rescue £308.40. In 2013, 421 were donated. Your generosity with stamps has been brilliant – thank you.

A decision was taken last year to attempt to register the Rescue as a charity so that we can benefit from various initiatives such as Gift Aid. We are presently at an early stage in what is a rather lengthy process but will keep you advised as to our progress in the next newsletter.

Volunteer help

Over recent months several of the Sunday volunteers have left due to job changes, family circumstances, age etc. We thank them for their help and support over the past few years.  We are looking for replacements.  Are you in a position to help say fortnightly or once a month on a Sunday for a couple of hours from 9 to 11 a.m. We have volunteers helping us cover these gaps at the moment but they are already doing quite a lot. The job entails feeding and cleaning. If you can help, please get in touch with Rosemary at the Rescue on 01789 750235 or by email _


Sponsorship is a major source of income. We not only have the cats for homing to provide for but also the 32 cats, known as our ‘pensioners’, with us permanently.

 This scheme costs £20 for the year and in return you will receive a photo and details of your chosen cat as well as our newsletters of which there are 3 each year.

Cats for Sponsoring

SQUEAKY (1) – young fluffy bl/wh who has lost his tail in a road accident.

TARA  (2) - tabby female    TINA (3)  -  fluffy bl/wh female

TYLER (4) – tab/wh male    TOBY (5) – tabby male

SUZIE – a very nervous bl/wh   LENNIE – black male


Sponsorship can make a lovely gift for someone no longer able to have a cat or someone who loves cats. If the sponsorship is for a gift please give relevant

details.  Please send details and cheque, made out to Avon Cat Rescue, to

Helen, 24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour, CV36 4HL

Ways you can help:-

Become a sponsor

Support our events

Save your small change

Donate any leftover unused stamps

Volunteer to help on a Sunday

Things we use a lot of: cat food (mainly pouches and good quality dry food), black sacks, kitchen towels, washing powder and washing up liquid.

Wool for our ‘knitters’.  Thank you to everyone who knits for us.  The cats are very appreciative.

Finally, we have 2 events coming up, can you help

Sat. Feb. 21st  is the Jumble Sale. If you can help at any time between 10 and 5 p.m. please let us know. We are now having to pay  £78 for the village hall instead of £30 last February.

Please bring your jumble on the morning if possible as dry storage at the Rescue is limited.

Sat. April 11th is the Spring Bazaar. Help is needed from 10 in the morning until 5.30 or any part of. Once again please let us know if you can help.

Cat Stories

Molly (formerly Mary-Lou) Below is Molly with 2 of her kittens)
Molly is a very sweet-natured girl who loves a fuss but, as yet, is not a lap-cat, nor is she keen on visitors.

She has her favourite places both in the garden and in the house.  In the garden she enjoys some exploring but usually lies under a bush, ready to see off visiting cats.  She has an amazing coat which she works at to keep it in tip-top condition.
Molly is very fond of her food, in particular, Gourmet Perle, Dreamies treats and freshly cooked fish and chicken.  Each morning she is ready and waiting eagerly for her breakfast.
Our Molly is adorable, much loved and a wonderful addition to our home.  Whenever we return to the house, she gives us a really warm welcome – PERFECT

Meg & Tiger (2 of Mary Lou’s kittens)

I had the best Christmas present in the evening of Christmas Day when Meg came and settled on my lap! I felt really honoured. Since then she has been doing it more often or curling up by me. She seems to follow me round quite a lot. She is a very dainty small cat compared to Tiger who is much bigger than her and seems to have grown quite a bit in the month we have had them. I think Meg has also grown. She is now better at eating as soon as I give them their food instead of waiting for Tiger. It has definitely worked out well feeding them at opposite ends of the room. 

They are showing their individual personalities more. Meg is more reserved but likes to play with small balls or rolled up pieces of paper. They both like playing with a piece of string if we hold it up or drag it along the floor. Although Tiger seems bolder he isn't really. When we vacuum he runs and hides behind the settee in the dining room still whereas Meg will stay in the room as long as she's off the floor in the window or on a settee.

They chase each other about running up and down the stairs. I was worried that Tiger would hurt Meg when he jumped on her but she soon asserts herself by giving him a swipe with her paw and when she has had enough play she retreats and sits down away from him and gives him a certain look and he seems to understand and respect that she's had enough. She sometimes starts the play so I'm sure she's fine.

They sometimes sleep together in an igloo we got for them but they often sleep apart but near to each other. There are several different sleeping places for them or our settees! Tiger has a good trick of sitting in the middle of a 2-seater settee so that no-one can sit on it with him, though he does sometimes come and curl up beside one of us. When they are relaxed we can stroke them a bit or tickle their cheeks but they are still wary of hands near them. I have managed to pick Meg up for a little while but she was not very relaxed so I put her down. I think I need to keep on taking it slowly and she will relax more. I have tried picking Tiger up but he runs away as soon as my hands get near him. It is going to take a bit longer with him but with patience I'm sure he will trust us fully. They've come such a long way already.

We are so happy to have cats in the house with us again, it just seems right. Thank you so much for letting us adopt them. We look forward to many happy years with them.  Warmest wishes,

Fergal & Hattie (2 of Mary Lou’s kittens)

As I sit at the computer with Fergal perched on my shoulder purring and Hattie sprawled on her back across my knees I was just wondering if Mary Lou and the kittens have found a new home after their return to you.  I’ve been absolutely delighted with my two and know they’re very happy too and would of course wish the same for the remainder of the family.

 They are proving to be massive hunters unfortunately but I am forever prepared by leaving long gauntlet gloves by the cat flap at all times to tackle anything that might be brought through!  Fergal is an absolute softie when he’s not hunting and likes to be handled as much as possible, Hattie on the other hand still freezes when she’s picked up but apart from that she’s also extremely affectionate.

I hope you’re not inundated with residents over the festive period and the year ahead will prove a successful one for the Avon Cat Rescue


Thought I would just let you know that it is almost as if Trixie had lived here before!!   She was good as gold in the car, and just ambled round the house when we got her home.  Her favourite position, on your shoulder, is all very well during the day when we are wearing thick cardies or similar, it’s just not very comfortable with her clinging on through a thin nightie!!  She eats all of her food, uses the litter tray, and slept at the bottom of our bed for 2 nights after wandering around the first night.  She doesn’t mind whose lap she is stretched out upon or curled up on, and in between goes from one toy to another, and uses the scratching post my husband has just made for her!! 

She really is a gentle little girl.  We loved her from the moment we saw her and feel so lucky that we have been given the chance to give her a home.

Izzy (was Elsa)

We have renamed her Izzy and she is a wonderful little cat. Our Yorkie is not very sure of her as she keeps patting her on the head to make her keep her place.  Izzy has already brought us in about 4 presents so I believe she will be very good at rodent control.  She chooses who and when she will allow us to cuddle her.
Please be assured that we love her to bits and she is in a good place.

Pumpkin (was Esther)

She is now called pumpkin and is absolutely fabulous.  She soon got over all her horrid flea bites and plumped up quickly.  She ate like a horse for the first few weeks but has calmed down now.  She's just beautiful and very affectionate and trusting considering the upheaval she's been through.  Every day she finds a new nook in the house and pretty much sleeps all day.  

She and our 7 year old cat Bugsey rub along fine.  I don't suppose they'll ever be the best of friends but they've both adapted really well and - bar the odd stand off - stick to opposite ends of the house and occasionally touch noses!!

We love her very much and she brings so much to our lives.  I would encourage anyone who can to rescue a cat:  they're loving, independent and clean.

Thanks for all you do.


Billywizz has settled in well. At first he was very timid of household noises and sudden movements but he has got used to things and noises around the house. He now accepts that the washing machine won't attack him and walks passed it with nonchalance! I had to teach him about cat flaps which involved a lot of treats but he now zooms in and out to patrol his territory.
He doesn't wander far around the neighbourhood - perhaps he realises he doesn't have to hunt for every mouthful anymore. He has bought me 2 very young mice as 'gifts'. He dives into the food cupboard whenever it is opened but that doesn't speed up the rate at which his bowls are filled. This morning he actually left a bit of food rather than wolfing it all down in one go. His tummy was quite upset to start with but I have finally got a balance of food which seems to suit him.
He is quite companionable but definitely isn't a lap cat. His favourite haunts are the back of the sofa and my feet. He seems to think it great fun to attack my slippers or flip flops whilst I am wearing them and licks my hair! He plays with toys and paper carrier bags but his favourite is still the jingle ball that came with him from Welford. He tries his hand with butterflies and pigeons and the slightest breeze gives him a mad few minutes.
He is a quiet cat, purrs loudly whilst eating and occasionally miaows but not very vocal otherwise. He is very inquisitive and I think he has a startled expression which is very endearing. That is what attracted me to him when I met him for the first time in the summer.

Gilly (Mabel)

This is our update on a five year old cat called Mabel that we rehomed a couple of months ago. We changed his name to Gilly given that he is a boy, he is named after an ancient Mesapotamian king and has a crown collar to match.

He settled in immediately, he was not even shy but took over the house right away.

He has a very healthy appetite, enjoys sitting in the garden and is becoming more playful and affectionate by the day!

He is the best tempered cat I have ever known.

Timmie (seen here in his new home for less than a week)

Just a few words about Timmie, so far so good.

We all have a few scratches, she is quite feisty, but day by day she appears to be a little mote trusting of us and her new surroundings.

We are thinking of calling her Lord Lucan, she keeps disappearing, finding the most obscure hiding places!

Today is the first time she has stayed out in full view, and has even managed a small purr!! 

She is eating well, and has made full and proper use of her litter tray!

Thank you so much for showing us around on Saturday, it was lovely to meet you, we will keep in touch, kind regards.


I just thought I would update you on Bibi’s progress in her new home. We have started to call her ‘Bee’ and she is getting along really well. She took a few days to start settling in with us but now she just follows us around all day long. She loves being around people, and especially sitting on laps. She has been extremely loving.

After 2 weeks of having her we let her start to go outside and now she comes and goes as she pleases though when we are around she rarely goes out. We are really enjoying having her part of our home.

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Buster and Sox joined our home on 15th November 2014 and took about a week to  settle down. They were both loving and friendly from the first day, though understandably nervous as they got used to their new surroundings and new family.

After a week, they had a visit to the vets for a full check-up, vaccinations and to be chipped and within a few days they finally managed to get out into the garden they were so desperate to explore. They had spent a lot of their days staring out of windows, trying to make a break for the doors and sniffing shoes that had been in the garden. Buster loves getting messy, walking through leaves and putting his nose into everything. Sox has checked out the area, but prefers the indoors, keeping himself immaculately clean and relaxing.

It was about three weeks before they acted as if they totally owned the house. They have now established their favourite spots. Although they do relax and sleep in numerous places including the sofas in both the front and back rooms. Sox has an area under the dining room table that he spends most of his time in. With a carpeted wooden floor and a radiator pipe running underneath, it is not a bad spot to choose. Meanwhile Buster prefers the window seat in the kitchen, where he can see everything going on. He does have his own unique sleeping position.

They both enjoy their scratching post, make extensive use of the cat flap to go in and out a dozen times a day, but spend most of the day sleeping. Buster still feels he is the boss and his food has to be put down first, well a second sooner anyway, to prevent him pushing Sox away from his bowl. They are, however, fussy pussies as they only really like pouches and not tinned food, as well as any fish or meat that happens to be on offer.

Finally, they really do love being fussed.