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Avon Cat Rescue Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Now in our 51st year

Registered Charity Number  1162192

Dear Friends,

After a very slow summer, things have picked up and we are homing again.  Perhaps it was the holidays, but we seem to add more and more to our waiting list and no cats were getting chosen.  Now happily we have homed some of our older or long-stay cats and can help more of those desperately waiting.

Princess & Gismo, who had been in a small pen for months, were chosen by one of our supporters and, (touch wood) are settling well.  Miffy, who preferred a diet of chicken, has also found a happy home, mainly by throwing herself at prospective new owners.  Mollie, Millie & Marnie all nervous young cats were all chosen together and we have received a lovely photo showing them eating all in a row.  They are amazingly relaxed in their new country home. (They came from Birmingham).

We have taken in more rescued cats from Birmingham.  We hear the situation there is terrible and all the rescue centres are full.  We are always full, but we try and juggle urgent cases and give people hope when they are in desperate need e.g. from eviction, emigration or death of a relative.

One little cat, who we have named Abby, was found with a tiny kitten which sadly didn’t make it.  Abby has now been spayed and vaccinated and is looking for a safe home.  She loves to pretend she is a neck scarf and quite likes other cats .

George and Arthur, two lovely tabbies were brought in from Essex and chosen by a lady in Essex who took them back, but changed her mind and sent them back by taxi the very next day.  So they travelled over 300 miles in a few days.  They now live happily in the local area.

Meanwhile we still have some old favourites.  Bo, our 14 year old tabby, was chosen again, but disgraced herself  by scratching the furniture, and refusing to be picked up when she wanted to sleep on the bed.  We think she actually likes it here.  Do have a look at our Cats for Homing.  We are very pleased now to be able to include colour photos.

Fund-raising is going really well.  Now we are a registered charity, we are able to go to more markets and have tried out Banbury, Stratford and, in October Warwick.  Our Summer Bazaar was amazing, and we continue to receive goods to sell from supporters on a regular basis, as well as the goods we buy.  I wonder if I will ever get to the back of the shed!

We are hoping for more good fund-raising, and lots of homes in the run up to Christmas.  We still have a long waiting list to sort out, and a mountain of gods to sell.

We hope to see you one way or another.

Thanks as always,

Rosemary Spicer

Avon Cat Rescue,

The Barn House, Chapel Street, Welford-on-Avon,  Warwickshire  CV37 8PX

01789 750235

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From:  Helen Hall     24 Hanson Avenue,  Shipston-on-Stour   CV36 4HL


   Since the last newsletter we have at last got registered charity status. Our thanks to Gina Kearsey and Heather Simpson for all their hard work in achieving this.

   If you are receiving your newsletter by post you will find enclosed a gift aid form. If, when you make a donation (sponsorship counts as a donation), you are in a position to gift aid it the Rescue will receive an extra 25p in every £1 you give. It could be a real lifeline to us so if you can, please fill in the form and return it to me.

   If anyone reading this on email did not get a gift aid form, please let me know and I will send you one.

   Is there anyone else able to receive their newsletter by email and if so, please get in touch. For some reason there were all sorts of problems with the sending out of the Summer newsletter. I am now using Mailchimp and am hopeful all will go well this time. Thank you Judith for helping me with this.

Christmas cards and Calendars for 2015

   After my appeal for artists I had more than I could use. Thank you to all those who responded and I am sorry I couldn’t use them all.

   Below are the 5 I have had printed. They are available from me or at one of our events. I don’t know of another charity that can say that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to the Rescue. (3 of our supporters are paying for the printing)

   They are in packs of 4 for £1.20 and have been professionally printed this year. I have to say they are lovely and on a better  thickness of card than I have been able to do in the past on my small home printer.  Inside each card are the words ‘Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.’

2016 Calendar

   There are some lovely stories and pictures in this calendar and as with the cards, the calendars have been professionally printed and look really good. They cost £4.50 and if you need them posted the cost is £1.30 for 1 or two calendars.

A big thank you to everyone who has a standing order in our favour. It is good to know there is a regular income. If anyone else feels they are in a position to do this do get in touch. It can be any amount small or large.

The summer has been very mixed. Not only the weather but the ups and downs of fundraising.

Our Summer bazaar was an amazing success. Not only did we have a glorious warm sunny day surrounded by two very wet days but you all surpassed yourselves. We made £3,540.25 which includes any donations and £210 raised on ebay from items collected from the Spring bazaar and those donated.

   There is still further good news re this total but at the time of printing I am not exactly sure how much but I think it will be in the region of £1,000 (£500 for each of the 2 ladies) Gail and Yvonne from the HSBC bank in Moreton helped us. These two gave up their day to help us and HSBC are making a donation. Many thanks to them for this excellent effort.

This is a RECORD which I guess will be impossible to beat. Thank you to all, we really do appreciate those who helped or supported us.

   We have managed to get to other events but for many it has rained – all day in the case of the Ilmington Show- and rained off early at Cramar. I will be putting in for a pair of wellington boots soon!

Small change

   So far this year you have collected £800.65p of which £440.25p was at the summer bazaar. It took me 4 trips to the bank to pay it all in but I don’t mind so if the bucket at the Autumn Bazaar is as heavy, I also won’t mind. Please keep saving for us.

Help needed

   Can you help at our Autumn Bazaar on Sat. Oct 31st  any time between 10 and 4.30? We are all getting older and the work load does not get any easier – many hands make light work. Please let Rosemary or me know if and when you can help. Please do not assume that we know you are coming- we do not have a crystal ball.

   Also, I need to do a rota for the Stratford Market on Thursday Dec. 10th. I need to cover from 10 in the morning through to 8.30 in the evening. We usually do one and a half or two hour slots so if it is cold; it is not too long for us oldies!


   Several of our ‘pensioners’, (the cats we are unable to home for various reasons – age, feral, health problems etc.) – sadly died over the last year. The oldest being 17 and the youngest about 2 but there are new kids on the block to replace them. We have, as of this newsletter being printed, 31 pensioners.

 The newest pensioners are Smudge, Blanco, Spot and Stripe.

Smudge (bl/wh), Blanco (wh) and Spot and Stripe are white. Spot and Stripe are brothers who have health problems following  a bad virus when they were kittens. As they are inseparable we are sponsoring them as a pair. Soon after this newsletter goes out there will be a video of them on our sponsorship page. Do have a look.

Other  cats for sponsoring are:-

Tara (f/tabby),   Tina (f/fluffy bl/wh).   Tyler (m/tabby white),   There is a video of these 3 on our sponsorship page on our website.

Also Olivia, Sophie, Olga,(all black) & Suzie (black white) – all female.

   If you do not already sponsor or are in a position to do another sponsorship it costs £20 per year. In return you will get a photo and sponsorship certificate with any known details.

   Sponsorship can make a good birthday or Christmas present for someone who can no longer have a cat. If for a present, the recipient will receive a card (Christmas or Birthday), a certificate and a letter from the cat with further photos.  A Sponsorship form can be found  at the end of this newsletter.

   In the course of a year we use a lot of kitchen towels, washing powder, washing-up liquid and black sacks. If when you come you could tuck any of these items in your bag, they would be very gratefully received.

   Also, with Christmas coming up perhaps you could provide one of our cats with a Christmas dinner – they especially like pouches.

   Finally, if you are unable to come to the Autumn Bazaar and are in a position to send a donation (however small), that would be wonderful – thank you.